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This promo is only applicable for Singapore-registered companies.

The DHL On-Route E-Payment option using GrabPay, is among our newest comprehensive billing solutions designed to help you settle your shipping fees fast, secure and hassle-free!

How paying for your shipment using GrabPay works

Upon shipment pick-up or delivery

Our couriers will generate a QR code on their handheld device and present it to you. Use the E Pay app from your mobile phone to scan and make payment. Your payment status will appear on our courier’s handheld device.


Is paying with E Pay secure?

E Pay payments are secure and follow security protocols to ensure your transactions are safe. Multi-level standard E wallet security measures are in place. Payment is via QR code.

Why should I use E Pay instead of cash?

E Pay enables easier tracking and recording of all transactions made in real-time. It’s safer too, as couriers don’t have to carry cash, should any mishaps happen.

Will I earn Grab Points by using the E wallet?

This will be aligned with Grab T&Cs according to the time of implementation.

Why can’t my E Pay go thru?

It may be due to a number of reasons;

  • E wallet has insufficient balance.

  • No internet or poor connection

  • Authorization is not provided (PIN or TAC)

  • The OTP (one-time password) entered was incorrect

If the problem persists, you can still pay with cash.

Can I get a receipt for the payment made?

A successful payment confirmation will be reflected on your mobile phone in real-time. An official DHL receipt will be provided.

Will my particulars be stored in DHL system?

Each transaction has a unique dynamic QR code and refreshes every 10 minutes. Therefore, no particulars will be stored within the DHL system.

Is this E Pay option available for Duty Collection only or is it also for other purposes such as the Collection Center?

At the moment, this is only implemented for Courier On Route Shipments which include Duty Cash and Cash Freight shipments.

Where can I find out more about this service?

Please refer to our DHL website for more information on E Pay.

Are there any additional service fees/charges for using E Pay?

At the moment, we are not advised of any additional charges for using this service. This will follow prevailing provider T&Cs.

What currency does E pay support?

Currently, E pay will support local PHP currency.